Effetti Racing Graphics

motoworks effetti racing graphicsHistory

EFFETTI Racing Graphics was founded in 2010 by Fabio Troyli an Italian graphic designer and Supermoto rider, now competed in the Supermoto World Championship and Italian MX Championships. With years of experience and knowledge about Moto and Graphic design as a base, EFFETTI devoloped strong stickers for MX, SM, FMX and Cars.


The Graphic kits from EFFETTI is manufactured with the latest printing techniques and the highest quality of materials. These materials are not only of high quality but also very easy to apply on every kind and model of bike.

The main feature is the 100%, You can find other types of stickers such as those for Leatt Brace, hubs and many other delicious products on the catalog and on our website:

EFFETTI will soon a clothing brand to create a fresh clothing line and support our riders and our teams with a functional image in races.




MVD Racewear was founded in 2007 by multiple Dutch and European Supermoto Champion, Marcel van Drunen. This Dutch talent competed in the MX World GP's and European MX Championships before falling in love with the Supermoto sport. With years of experience and knowledge about MX and Supermoto as a base, MVD Racewear devoloped a comfortable but foremost very safe clothing concept for the Supermoto sport and street riders.


The Supermoto clothing from MVD Racewear is manufactured with the latest production techniques and the highest quality of materials. All the seams are double stitched for extra safety. These materials are not only of high quality but also very light weight, this way the complete MVD Racewear SMX Body Jacket and Pants weigh half the weight of a normal 1 piece leather suit.

The specially designed Body Jacket offers optimal protection to the upper body and has extra protection for the shoulders and elbows. The SMX Body Jacket also has a integrated backprotector and kidney belt. For optimal comfort and ventilation the Body Jacket is made from perforated leather.  The SMX pants have a double layer of leather on the back and feature a special design around the knee area for increased leg movement. Because of this the gear is more comfortable, safer and agile than a traditional roadracing suit.

MVD Racewear also offers the comfortable and safe SMX Gloves, manufactured from goat leather. To complete the professional look MVD also offers the SMX Jersey with or without your own sponsor logos, rider number and name.

Scalvini Racing Exhausts

motoworks scalvini racing exhaustsHistory

Scalvini Racing was founded by  former 125cc and 250cc GP road racer Gianluigi Scalvini who was not only an exceptional rider but also an exceptional engineer and development technician. With his retirement from professional racing Scalvini continued his passion for motorcycles by developing exhaust systems, systems that were designed and built in house to release the maximum potential from any engine. Now with a large production facility and a team of technicians with decades of experience Scalvini Racing still strives to its original goal, to produce exhaust systems made from the best materials, stainless steel, aluminium, titanium and carbon fibre, that offer the maximium in performance, weight control and durability.

To this day every prototype exhaust system being developed is tested, both on the dynamometer and on the track, by Scalvini himself in his pursuit of excellence before any commitiment to final production is made, it is this quest for quality that has made Scalvini Racing what it is today.


Scalvini Racing produce performance exhaust systems for the most popular models from the major manufacturers in the off-road market, currently there are systems being produced for: TM, Honda, Cobra, Yamaha, KTM, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Husqvarna, Aprilia, Beta, Gas Gas and more, with a choice of pipe and silencer combinations to suit the disciplines of Motocross, Enduro and Supermotard.  Also there is a selection of exhaust systems available for Quads as well as service items for all components including mounting brackets, clamps, and also pipe guards.