Alpina Alloy WheeL Set

The Alpina wheel, thanks to its close-knit spokes connects the hub and the rim, and allows an optimum load distribution.

These new wheels have enhanced the performance, the safety and the use itself of the bike.
The wheels are supplied with hubs made of high resistant Aluminium Alloy and made of a solid piece (CNC).

Completely interchangeable with the original wheel and compatible with the series motorcycle without need to change any original component assembled in series - gears, braking disks and original screws.


Rim channel availability
3.50x17 – 3.50x16,5
5.00x17 – 5.50x17
2.15x18 – 2.15x19

Aprilia – Honda – Husqvarna – Kawasaki – Ktm – Suzuki – Yamaha – TM

Increases puncture resistance
Tyre explosion is minimized
Overheating damage, due to friction between inner tube and cover tyre, is eliminated
Better manageability
Spoked wheels are indestructible and able to cope with heavy impact stress without bending
Cover rotation on the rim creates no danger of valve being ripped out

No dispersion of energy caused by inner tube cover tyre friction

The absence of the tubes, allows a loss of weight of about 1,5 Kg for each wheel set
The rotating bulk is reduced due to the elimination of peripheral wheel bulk. This optimizes the acceleration and both the rider handiness and the brake system

The tyre potential power is highlighted by the absence of rigidity in the tube, and the heat locally generated by the friction between the tube and the cover tyre
Low pressure, very much appreciated in cross-country races optimizes the grip, therefore
improving the managability of the cover tyre positioned between the rim and the outer tyre
The shape then adjusts according to the road conditions, without added precautions
The tyre is completely sealed, allowing no water or dirt to get in

The wheel doesn’t require any particular maintenance, except the usual balance wheel register and tyre substitution.
There are no longer any easily damageable parts
The mounting and removal of the tyres, is safer and more practical
The tyre wear is hugely reduced

Alpina Alloy Wheet Set