Motoworks, a truly unique shop vastly different to your average Motorcycle Dealer, we insist on remaining “old school” but mixed with the latest of technical wizardry and our work environment and manner reflects this style. We focus primarily on performance for Off-road, Supermoto and Custom road/race.

Motoworks is the exclusive distributor for many of the very best motorcycle products available worldwide, we leave the mass produced items to regular distributors and concentrate on the quality sector of the market. This focus is carried over in the Motorcycle Marques we represent, TM Racing, Cobra Motorcycles, largest range of TM Racing spare parts and accesories online shipped free on orders over $100 NZD world wide.

Motoworks staff are specialist’s in their trade and pride themselves on the bespoke machines and items we fabricate. Simply Motoworks specialises in exclusive products that are superior in quality and technically advanced. MX, Enduro, Supermoto, Custom. Motoworks fabricates personalised vehicles and competition motorcycles.

This is what we do, and we are damn good at it!

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